kokoko ist hier!

Guten kokoko!

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Matt Mahurin


Matt Mahurin

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佐藤さとる [via]


佐藤さとる [via]

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When a plan goes off without a hitch when it shouldn’t have worked at all.


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Nao Yoshioka - Make the Change from SWEET SOUL RECORDS on Vimeo.


Nao Yoshioka blessed the stage last night at the 9th annual Indie Soul Mixer. She was outstanding. Her grace, poise and powerhouse vocals made her a pleasure to watch. She has a new fan in me and I can’t wait to hear more from her.

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Hello september en We Heart It.


Hello september en We Heart It.

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Not blue bird. But…


You can see more of Sugimoto’s work on my blog.

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Composer: Hildegard von Bingen (1098 - 1179)

Work: Anima processional from Ordo Virtutum (1150ies)

Performer: Sequentia Instrumental Ensemble; conducted by Elizabeth Gaver

Hildegard of Bingen is one of the most fascinating characters in music history.  Born around 1098, she was not only a prolific composer, but also a visionary, a theologian, a scientist, and the prioress of a Benedictine abbey.  Her voluminous writings include theological, botanical, and medicinal texts, as well as correspondence with popes such as Eugene III and Anastasius IV, statesmen such as Abbot Suger, German emperors such as Frederick I Barbarossa, and other notable figures such as Saint Bernard of Clairvaux.

Much more here.

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